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Welcome To Inflate Works. Inflate have developed a range of structures ideal for all types of indoor events, from wall systems to acoustic pods.
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events beyond expectation


the future of mobile architecture


re-imagining the ordinary


striking, bold, innovative event solutions

Our Brands






Inflate aspires to be the global brand providing the ultimate design experience in innovative inflatable structures. Inflate has a light range of indoor structures, an outdoor range of large scale architectural, visually pleasing event environments and an endless vision of bespoke structures.

Inflate Works has an extensive selection of Inflate products available for hire on short term and long term deployments, all management of the structures can be taken on by the Inflate Works team.



AirClad is the next generation of prefabricated event buildings. Its mobile, modular system is capable of being deployed almost anywhere. Its impressive presence at any event makes your brand stand out from the crowd in every way.

AirClad is available in single height and double height structures as well as with additional roof terraces. Inflate Works is able to work together with you to provide the perfect space for your event.



Snoozy is a revolution in mobile accommodation, it is quick, easily deployable and perfect for the step up in comfort that your event needs.

Inflate Works can set up over 200 Snoozys in one day and also offers AirClad products along side the Snoozys to provide ideal social spaces and food and beverage areas to ensure the perfect event.