Inflate Works | One Offs
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We offer a range of Inflate-designed one-off and samples available to hire. You will not find these anywhere else, so if you are looking for something out the ordinary, look no further. Please note this section is fluid and it is always worth inquiring if you’re interested in creating something different. Learn more about our Pop Up Shop Inspiration below.

10m Stage Cover


The 10m wide and 7.5 deep Turtle based stage covers comes complete with bespoke AV trussing for the front. This is more than just a stage cover, it is an engaging space for the performers who deserve it.

Baby Turtle


The 11m by 7m Baby turtle is an ideal 2 man install in under 30 minutes. Available in white with silver edges and a black version in stock.



These are cool spaces to make events in or just to create a space for guests to hang out or check in. Based on an 8m by 8m plot, the Bobble is entirely organic in form. The walls have space for unique lighting.



This is a 25m by 20m event space with integrated AV trussing. It is ideal for those events where a structure with a big personality is required. The walls have space for unique lighting.